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3/7/14 - Following a lovely, dry this time, trip to France I have uploaded some photographs of minimilist images that I took there. I love this type of photography, clean, simple and in black and white. My first real attempt at black and white.

22/3/14 - Some more photos added today - from a wonderful, but very wet trip to Venice in January 2014 and also some studio water images I have been practicing with. Enjoy.

21/11/13 - I have got back to some photography now and have uploaded some new photos - from Dorset and the lovely coast there and from London. I was so pleased with the photographs I took in our capital city and I hope that you like them too.

06/07/2013 - A little bout of cancer and resulting Chemotheraphy had prevented me from updating my photos for a while. Remission achieved and energy and enthusiasm returned so I have now been through some images taken on a trip to the South of France in the Autumn of 2012 and have posted these into the France album. I hope you like them.

22/10/12 - Have uploaded the photos from my September 2012 trip to the Canadian Rockies with Friends of Arizona Highways. A great trip and stunning scenery. Can't wait to go back.

6/10/12 - Finally I have found the time to re-size and upload the photos from our African safari in June 2011. We were incredibly lucky on this trip that we saw so many leopards at both the camps that we stayed in. My favourite was a young male who came so close to our vehicle that you could almost touch him. He is the subject of the first few photos in this album. In the next few weeks I am off to the Camargue in France to photograph the wild white horses there. I hope that it won't take more than twelve months to put the photos from that trip on here!

22/5/12 - I have been spending some time updating my web site following a training course with Clikpic. One of the things I have added is a 'like' button for Facebook. If you do like my site could you click this button for me? Having more 'likes' will raise my profile in Google apparently! Better still why not leave a comment for me? Anyway I hope you like the updated site, come back again soon to see the new safari photos that will be posted in the very near future.

16/4/12 - I have uploaded some of the many photos taken at Keukenhof Gardens and in the bulb fields of Holland in April 2011. This was a lovely place for someone who loves photographing flowers as much as I do. I could have spent all day in Keukenhof and on a couple of days I actually did!

15/4/12 - 2011 was an eventful year, after both losing our mothers within six months we needed to raise our spirits in some way. I took several trips away, in April with Joe Van Os Photo Safaris I went to the Keukenhof Gardens and Bruges. In June Stephen and I went to South Africa for a relaxing holiday. Photos from both these trips will be put into albums soon. In March 2012 we went to Finland hoping to see the Northern Lights in a place called Inari. We were very lucky on one of the nights when the lights came out for about an hour. It was my first attempt to photograph this phenomenon. The full moon helped me to obtain focus if the lights were in that direction but if they were not then I had to try and find a nice bright star to focus on. Because of the full moon and the high ISO I used the photographs look quite light. I am fairly pleased with the results though. I am hoping that in the few weeks I will find the time to get around to putting the 2011 photos on here.

3/5/11 - Finally I have had the time to work through the photos from a great trip to a working ranch in Wyoming. I have placed a few of these images here for you to see. I hope you like them.

10/8/10 - A long time since I have put any photographs on here but it doesn't mean that I have not been taking them - just that I haven't had the time to resize them and sort them for here! I have today posted some photos into the portraits album, one each of my daughters and one of the daughter of a friend who is the most happily photogenic person I have ever tried to take a picture of. Take note my girls......

In October 2009 we took another trip to Arizona and some of the photos from that trip have been put into their own album. It was a fantastic trip, too short but I had hundreds of photos to sort through when I got back so it was probably best that it was not a longer trip! For the third year in a row we are off to the USA again in September - we are off to Montana and Seattle in September.

12/4/09 - In October 2008 we went to Arizona to visit our daughter. I took the opportunity to go on a short photographic break with Friends of Arizona Highways and have posted some of the hundreds of photos I took here. I cannot recommend Friends of Arizona Highways enough, they were brilliant at what they did - take you to wonderful photographic locations and help you whenever you needed it. We were out from before dawn to dusk and went to so many different places which would be difficult to visit without being part of a guided group. Some places we visited, like Coal Mine Canyon, are not even on maps! Apart from this tiring photographic course we had a very pleasant time in Goodyear with our daughter. Now she is back in the UK so Arizona may not be on our list of destinations for a few more years.

1/3/09 - Jumping past several other photographic forays which I have not yet worked through on the computer I have uploaded around 50 photos to a brand new gallery - The Hippo. I was given the opportunity (thanks Dean) to have a go at photographing one of my favourite bands, Mad Dog Mcrea, when they appeared at The Hippo in Plymouth. This was a little bit of a challenge but not only did I really enjoy the music but I came away with some nice photos of both Mad Dog Mcrea and their support acts.

7/12/08 - I have added some photos from a weekend's photographic trip to Dartmoor and Shaldon. They have been posted to the South Devon gallery along with a couple of photos taken at Saltram House in November. It was a beautiful afternoon and I was so pleased that I had taken my camera with me. I don't usually take it with me to Saltram but that afternoon I just decided to grab it, luckily!!

16/06/08 - I have now joined the Dartmoor Zoological Park. It is only a short distance from our home and I will be making regular trips there. The park has come a long way since the new owners took over last year. I had only been once before, many years ago and vowed not to go again. However it feels like a different place now and I want to support the new owners and the efforts they have put into the animals welfare. The park is mostly in quite dense woodland so photography can be a bit difficult for amateurs like me. However the tiger enclosures are a delight, for the animals as well as photographers, hence my first photos are all of these magnificent beasts. They were all taken on the 75-300mm lens.

Hopefully as I get more experienced and familiar with the park I will be able to get some reasonable photos of some of the other animals.

14/06/08 - I have added some photos to a new photo gallery called Jersey. My husband and I met while we worked in Jersey in the early 1980s and we spent three happy years there. We have not gone back that often but returned in October 2006 to celebrate our 24th wedding anniversary. It has taken me a long, long time to sort through the photos from this trip!

27/01/08 - My youngest daughter left home last week to study for a commercial pilot's licence. Before she left I asked my elder daughter to come over and then bullied and cajoled them into posing for me. They do not like posing for photos at all and it took a lot of bribery. I wanted to try and take my first portraits and liked the idea of high and low key images. I have posted a couple here and would love to have feedback on whether I am getting there with this type of photography. Regardless of whether I actually got it right with these images I love them anyway, knowing what went into getting them I was pleased that the girls actually look happy in a couple of them!!

I have also added a couple of photos to the baskebtall gallery following a brilliant win against Milton Keynes Lions on 19th January 2008. Pity we lost the next day to be knocked out of the BBL cup competition but that Lions game was the best we have seen for some time.

30/12/07 - Have added some photos to the basketball gallery. Although I take between 50 and 100 at each game the Plymouth Raiders play at home, I rarely find time to sort them and put them on here. Hope you like the ones I have picked!

I will also be posting, soon hopefully, some photos from our Canadian holiday (taken to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary) in September 2007. I have only just started to sort these photos so it may take some time!

15/08/07 - I have managed to find some more time and have started to load a selection of other photos from our African safari. Enjoy....

28/7/07 - At last I have found the time to start uploading some photos from our African safari holiday in June. Starting with cheetahs.......more to follow soon.

10/7/07 - My youngest daughter and I have just returned from a wonderful holiday in the Sabi Sands region of South Africa. I have come back with hundreds of photos that need to be sorted and I am sure that some will find their way, eventually, to my galleries. For the 'big five' and cheetahs, I can thoroughly recommend this area. You are also so close to the animals that my 75-300mm lens was sometimes too long and a wide angle (17-40mm) was the only way to take the shot! To enable the photos from South Africa to be in a separate gallery I have changed the name of the present African gallery to Botswana. I am sure that these more recent photos will turn out to be better than those taken in Chobe in 2005.
Come back to have a look at some of the photos from this trip very soon.

15/4/07 - deleted several photos and added new ones to basketball and South West galleries.

14/1/07 - one new photo added to the basketball gallery.

13/9/06 - three new photos added to South West gallery and three to the basketball gallery.

3/8/06 - started a new gallery - The North East - and added some photos from our recent holiday.

1/6/06 - photos from Brentor Church added to South West gallery.

28/5/06 - photos from Wistman's Wood on Dartmoor added to South West gallery.

17/5/06 - web site started.


I am an enthusiastic amateur photographer and I take photos because I really enjoy it. They may not be technically correct but I like them because they bring back memories of wonderful places and happy times.
My photos are for pleasure and not for sale. This site has been set up so that my family, friends and any other interested people can see the photos too. I am learning all the time and would really welcome any comments you may have on those photographs in my galleries.
I will be changing these regularly and hope you come back and browse again.

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